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In order to ride the waves with effortless ease you have to have the right surfing gear and equipment. It's no good just walking into a surf shop and buying the surfboard with the best graphics. It's important to know the features of surfboards and other relevant surfing equipment first before you go shopping. Here, we'll take you through some of the most important gear and equipment, tell you how to use it, and what you should look for when buying surfboards, a surfboard leash, surfboard fins, surfboard wax, the right clothing and other accessories too.

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Your surfboard is clearly your most important piece of equipment you'll need to go surfing. Here we'll go through the most important elements of a surfboard and what you should be looking for when buying one.

Surfboard Leash

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What is it and do you really need to use one? Read about the ins and outs of using a surfboard leash here.

Surfboard Fins

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Fins help you steer your board and are another important piece of equipment you need to know about.

Surfboard Wax

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Wax on, wax off. Applying wax to your board is an important part of surfing. Learn how to apply it and how to keep your waxed board look good.

Surf Clothing

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You need to be wearing the right gear when you hit the surf. Find out what's suitable to wear when surfing right here.

Surfing Accessories

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Find out about the tools that help keep your board in good condition, enhance your performance and keep you safe in the surf.

Getting the right surf gear and equipment is paramount to ensuring you have the best experience every time and have a hassle-free, safe ride!

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