Surfboard Fins

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Surfboard Fins

Surfboard Fins

Surfboard fins are also known as skegs. They help you steer, turn and keep your board straight. There are two main types of fins; removable fin systems or glass on fins. They come in a range of colours, shapes and sizes.

Fin setups include: Single fin,Twin fin and Tri fin.

Beginners should never hit the surf without a Surfboard Fins-Once you realise how easy it is for your board to get away from you, you'll be thankful you took that advice.

Glass on Fins

Glass on Fins are simply non-removable fins that are laminated to the board when it's crafted. They can provide better strength because they are attached to the board, but they can be difficult and expensive to repair.

Removable Fin Systems

The removable fin systems allow surfers to greater enhance their board riding by allowing them to change the shape and size of the fins on their board. Unfortunately there is no standard fin system, so when looking for fins, it can sometimes be a little tricky finding ones that fit your particular board.

How to measure surfboard fins

You need to take note of the base length, depth, fin plug and rake when measuring.

* The base length is measured at the widest point of the fin. The longer the base length, the more speed and drive.
* The depth will determine how fast the fins go in the surf.
* The fin plug refers to removable fins only and is placed on the Fin Box at the base of the board.
* The sweep (rake) refers to the amount of the fins outline that is curved backwards-this affects the boards ability to turn.
* Fin flex is the amount of movement a fin can do from one side to the other.

The fins that you use will depend on your skill level. Once you've mastered the basics of surfing you can then look in to the different types of fins available to suit your surfing needs. As fins affect the way you control your board and how you are able to ride the waves, they are another important piece of surfing equipment you want to take your time purchasing.

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