Surfboard Wax

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Surfboard Wax

Surfboard Wax

Wax on your surfboard provides the traction that you need to be able to surf. Without a properly waxed board you can't actually surf so it's really important to not only wax your board, but know how to do it right, when to wax your board and how to keep a waxed board in good shape, until the next time you want to hit the waves.

You can buy surf wax (surfboard wax) from surf shops and it comes in a range of different types. It's basically made up of beeswax and paraffin. It's important to remember that not all waxes can be used on your board. Waxes also have degree ratings on them which indicate the type of wax suitable for the temperature of water you'll be surfing in. If you use wax that's ideal for cold water temperatures on your board and you go surfing in warm water, it will melt.

Wax on, Wax off

*Rub from rail to rail, then nose to tail on the top surface of your board (never on the bottom side of your surfboard).

*Every time you go surfing you should apply wax to your board.

*Once you've applied wax to your board a few times and it begins to loose it's traction, use a wax comb to roughen the surface by rubbing it across the board in a criss cross motion, to create the traction you need.

*Always apply wax to your board in the shade and always keep your wax and your waxed board away from direct sunlight.

*You can use a plastic scraper to scrape the wax off when necessary. Leave your board in the sun to soften the wax first.

REMEMBER: More wax means better traction, but you don't want to apply too much wax either.

While putting on and taking wax off your board can be a little time consuming it can make all the difference to your surfing experience. So get into the habit right from the start and your board will always be kept in good shape, and you'll always have just the right amount of traction on your board to ride the waves.

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