Surfing Accessories

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Surfing Accessories

Surfing Accessories

The main pieces of equipment and gear you need for surfing are your surfboard, the appropriate surf clothing and that's basically it. However there are some great accessories out there that can not only enhance your performance but also help keep your board in good condition.

Board bag

To help maintain your board it's a good idea to purchase a board bag to keep it in. It's good to invest in a heavy duty surfboard bag if you are traveling long distances to avoid any dings or damage to your board.

If you find wearing a wetsuit that's a little uncomfortable you can wear a rash vest underneath to keep the wetsuit seams from rubbing.

Surf rack

Surf racks help you secure your board to the roof of your car, making for easy travel. You can purchase a set of straps and clips that aren't permanent, or you can invest in fixed surf rack.

Traction pad

Traction pads are made from rubber and are attached to the back end of the board to help give your rear foot better grip while surfing. In order to make sure the pad sticks to your board there can't be any wax on it.

Nose guard

Surfboards can very easily get damaged in the surf. A nose guard helps protect the nose of your board from scratches and dings.

Ear plugs

Exposure to cold water and wind over a long period of time can cause lumps in the ear canal, causing blockages or even partial deafness. This is often referred to as 'surfer's ear' as many surfers are prone to this if they surf in cold water. Using ear plugs helps safeguard against surfer's ear. Plugs also help to keep your ears dry and warm while you surf.

These accessories aren't necessarily 'essential' surf gear items, but they can make your surfing experience all the more enjoyable and are well worth the investment.

Above all you want to be comfortable and able to move effortlessly while surfing. So make sure you invest in the right clothing to keep you warm, comfortable and safe while you ride the waves!

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