Snowboarding Basics and Background

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Before you think you can start pulling off a bingo or achieve some crazy bleah, it's best to familiarise yourself with some of the basics about snowboarding and get a little educated on the finer points. Have a look through the articles on our page on the different topics you might find useful and enjoy.

Snowboard Information Articles

Snowboarding Basics
  • Just What is Snowboarding?
  • You may have seen it, you may have heard about it, but how good is your knowledge of Snowboarding, really? Learn more with this little primer on the ins and outs of this awesome sport.

  • The History of Snowboarding
  • Although a more recent addition to the sporting world, snowboarding has quite an illustrious history. Meet some of the big names and learn of the huge impact the sport has made.

  • Olympic Snowboarding History
  • Read up on the amazing journey Snowboarding has had up to being included into the Winter Olympics and find out about the sports immense popularity beforehand...

  • Why Go Snowboarding?
  • Might be a stupid question to ask, who wouldn't? But here are some other reasons why you should give snowboarding a shot if you're not totally convinced yet.

  • Speaking Snowboard
  • What exactly does 'crunchy' mean? And what does it mean to be 'sick nasty'? Improve on the snowboarding lingo with our handy dictionary guide...

  • Top 10 World Snowboard Records
  • Have a look at these amazing feats in the snowboarding world by some of the world's most daring boarders that'll make your eyes water...

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