Why Go Snowboarding?

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Why Go Snowboarding
  • Why Go Snowboarding?
  • C'mon, like you need a reason to go snowboarding! Snowboarding is incredible and exhilarating, a sport like no other that has gained a huge following that continues to grow. Once you've gone down one slope, you're hooked! And really, who has ever said no to snowboarding before?

    In recent years, the snowboarding industry has exploded as the variety in choice between high speed adrenaline rushes, complex snowboarding tricks and simple leisurely descents allow for people of any age or level of difficulty to get involved in the sport.

    Look at all the other cool stuff snowboarding can give you (like you need any more convincing):

    * Different styles of snowboarding to choose from and to develop.
    * Awesome terrains and runs anywhere in the world (Always a good excuse to get away!)
    * That great adrenaline rush you feel when you pull off a sick aerial trick or a high speed descent.
    * The fantastic snowboarding gear that not only looks cool, but helps you improve on your skills.
    * Most novices being able to get out onto their first slope within the first two or three days, so you won't have to ride along with the kids groups out on the slope for long!
    * So many challenges, styles and techniques that will keep you going so you never stop learning.
    * The different types of snowboarding terrains you get to experience, from well-groomed slopes to the more advanced Backcountry wilderness.
    * Different types of snow conditions for riders, from fresh powder to pure ice.
    * All the wicked events and international competitions to visit or compete in (how can you pass that up?)
    * The hundreds and thousands of others who share the same passion and freedom snowboarding gives you. Does it get any better than that?

    A little more to tempt you with: picture yourself cruising through knee-deep powder, flying across a steep mountain slope, the wind in your face and picking up speed by the second and the sun warming down on you as you practically slice up the snow. That is the feeling of freedom, better than any other...

    The snowboard allows you to move on air, finding a beautiful take-off platform for you to jump off, bending your knees as the board takes you even faster and then fly off, making an awesome 360 and coming back down to earth safely. But the adrenaline still courses through your body as you begin to take it slow and take in the view, heading back to the ski lodge to kick back with the other riders.

    So what are you waiting for? Make the dream a reality and grab your board today! There's no better reason to now...

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