Top 10 World Snowboard Records

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  • Top 10 World Snowboard Records
  • Just when you might think you've achieved the ultimate adrenaline rush with your own wicked skills on the snow, along come some truly crazy daredevils breaking records all over the place and making you wish you were that awesome with a board!

    1. Longest Jump

    From Norway comes Mads Jonsson, who holds the record for the world's longest table top jump. With the table top taking almost three weeks to build, Jonsson threw himself off an insane 40 metre table top and travelled 187 feet before coming back down to earth. Building the table top on a back country mountainside gave Jonsson the chance to build up the speed he needed without the use of a snow mobile, and after two hours practice performed a clean 360 indy, still considered one of the best jumps to date in the snowboarding world.

    2. Highest Speed On A Snowboard

    Picture yourself on your board travelling down the side of a mountain at a crazy 125 miles per hour, achieving the sort of speeds most boarders can only dream of doing! In May 1999, Darren Powell made that very feat at the Les Arcs resort and scored the world record of the highest ever speed on a snowboard in history.

    3. First Double Cork

    At the 2006 Air and Style event in Munich, Germany, David Benedek performed the first ever double cork and set a new standard in competitive snowboarding, and even now has riders trying to emulate the same success with this mind-boggling trick, most notably at the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic Games.

    4. First Triple Cork

    More and more riders push themselves to the limit to create new and awesome manoeuvres especially with the pros like Shaun White pulling off double corks and double McTwists at the Vancouver Games like he was breezing through the slopes! At the same even, Torstein Horgmo cruised his way into the record books with the world's very first triple cork. The stakes have never been higher for riders to outdo themselves on the snow since.

    5. World Record Cliff Jump

    Free skiing star Jamie Pierre once held the record for the highest cliff jump at a respectable 75cm. However, this record was soon beaten in the most disappointing of fashions to Jamie when Fred Syversen 'accidentally' hit a 105m cliff drop in 2010 when going through one of his lines.

    6. Most Vertical Feet Snowboarded in 24 hours

    In 1998, pro snowboarder Tammy McGinn obtained the record for the most vertical feet snowboarded in 24 hours in Atlin, Canada, boarding down a slope 101 times and totalling to an amount of 305, 535ft (or for us Aussies, 93, 124 metres).

    7. Highest Air

    One of the greatest feats any rider is dying to achieve is great air, with one man soaring higher than any other in the world. The current record for highest air is held by Terje Hakonsen, a freestyle boarding powerhouse in the 90s who achieved the what most of us can only dream of during The 2007 Arctic Challenge in Oslo, managing to jump an electrifying 9.8m off the quarter pipe with a backside 360 and make the rest of us dizzy just thinking about it.

    8. Youngest Medal Winner

    If you don't know the name Shaun White, then you really don't know your snowboarding. Nicknamed 'The Flying Tomato,' White is one of snowboarding's most influential, having begun boarding at 6 and later turning pro at 13. He became the youngest medal winner in competitive snowboarding at the 2003 Winter X Games, winning gold in slope style and the Super Pipe.

    9. Most Medals Won

    Snowboarding Mum, Barrett Christy, won 10 medals at the Winter X Games between 1997 and 2001 across different events, including slope style and big air at the 1997 Games, proving both influential and inspiring to all female boarders ever since.

    10. World's Longest Snowboard

    Record holders have gone up high, real fast and performed some sick moves, but what about in terms of the board itself? One snowboarder, Butch Brady, dared to dream and actually built a two-man snowboard that measured at a length of nine feet and seven inches and rode into the record books with Eric Sweet as they took two-man turns down the Jackson Hole Mountain Resort Slope. Since then, Brady has planned to manufacture the board to use as a teaching tool for other riders.

    Inspired yet? Get ready to pick up your board and start setting some records of your own this winter!

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