Longboard Surfing

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Longboard Surfing

Longboard Surfing

As the name suggests, Longboard Surfing makes use of a Longboard.

Longboard surfing is simply using a longboard to ride the waves. Also know as a Malibu Board, a typical longboard has an average length of eight to fourteen feet. Longboards are good for beginners because they tend to have more buoyancy and planing surface than a regular surfboard so it makes it easier to surf smaller waves.

The longboard has come a long way in it’s design over the years. Today’s longboards are made from polyurethane foam and fiberglass, which allows for less drag on the waves. Some current longboard designs include the Tri-fin, the Gun and the 2+1:

Tri-fin As the name suggests, the Tri-fin features three fins at the tail of the surfboard (instead of just having one). This feature makes it easier to turn and allows for better thrusts in the water.

The Gun The Gun has a teardrop shape layout which makes it easier to cut through the surf, making it ideal for big waves. It’s usually nine to twelve feet in length.

The 2+1 Is often referred to as the most versatile of all longboard designs. It has a single fin plus a tri-fin which offers strength and makes it easy to move around while you’re in the water.

Longboards can be a little more pricey than your regular surfboard. So when you’re in the market to buy one, make sure you know which one you like best by trialing the different types of longboards available.

Learning how to ride a longboard is a beginners first step in learning how to surf. After mastering a longboard, you can then possibly move on to using a shortboard in the surf.

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"Surfing is climbing from a warm bed in pre-dawn’s coolness a sleepy drive, coffee and doughnuts at a roadside diner and the clatter of surfboards as they’re unstacked from the car rack. Surfing is the joy of watching a sun rise slowly into the sky. It’s crisp, clean waves, crests blown high by an offshore wind. It’s gray mist, dampness and cold sand under bare feet, the lonely cry of a gull sweeping across silent, brooding seas."

- Fred Wardy

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