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Surfing without a surf board or bodyboard = bodysurfing!

In order to bodysurf you’ll need: a surfing wetsuit, flippers or swimfins and a handboard (this is optional).

Flippers or swimfins as they are sometimes called are finlike shoes made from rubber or plastic. They help you move through the water with ease and are a great help to your leg muscles when you have to keep paddling. Flippers are not only great to use while bodysurfing but they’re also used in kneeboarding, bodyboarding, diving and even swimming.

While a handboard isn’t essential, it can help you with fast breaking deep water or reefs because it allows the bodysurfer to plane higher out of the water and assist with your speed as well.

1. The first step once you’ve got your gear is to head out to swimming depth. You’ll need to wade backwards while keeping an eye on the oncoming broken waves.

2. Swim out to the breaker line, all the while staying aware of riders around you.

3. To catch the wave, pick a direction and start paddling hard, put down your arm and turn on your back. Experienced bodysurfers like doing maneuvers such as barrel rolls, spinners or takeoff.

One of the most famous Bodysurfing spots in the world is located at Newport Beach and known as the Wedge. This spot is definitely reserved for experiencing bodysurfers only.

Like all other types of surfing and other sports enjoyed in the water, there is certainly a level of risk involved. It’s important to be a confident swimmer and have proper technique to ensure you have a great time riding the waves and avoid injury as much as possible.

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