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Bodyboarding was enjoyed by many even before surfing the waves became popular. A ‘Paipo’ was the name given to a small board which was 4 feet in length or less, and was used for children.

A bodyboard, ‘sponge’ or boogie board as it’s often called is wider and shorter than a surfboard. It’s made from pliable foam-core and was first made popular by a surfer builder, Tom Morey in July 1971. These first boards were trademarked Morey Boogie in 1973 and were sold for only $10 a board. As the boards became more popular, so did the production of the boards which reached 70,000 per year by 1977.

The surfgear you’ll need to bodyboard include: fins, a wetsuit, and of course, a bodyboard. A leash is also a good idea.

Bodyboarding is much easier to learn than surfing, but they still share lots of similarities. In both sports you need to paddle out behind the break to catch a good wave, then you ride it back.

It’s easier than surfing however because the board is ridden in lying or prone position or even halfstanding or completely standing up. There are so many different options for enjoying bodyboarding!

Learning the basics of bodyboarding before trying it out is important. Having an experienced professional teach you will not only ensure you pick it up faster, but you’ll have more of an enjoyable time in the surf as well.

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