WeSC Banjo Headphones White

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WeSC Banjo Headphones White

WeSC Banjo Headphones White Great features include:
* The WeSC Banjo Headphone's in White retail for around $109.00 AUD or $135.00 NZD
* Unisex premium headphones
* Type: 40mm power drivers
* 1kHz sensitivity: 110 dB
* Impedance: 32 Ohms
* Frequence range: 20-20 000 Hz
* Plug: gold-plated 3,5mm stereo
* Cord: 0,5m + 1,0m extension
* Handsfree
* Weight: 115g
* 0,1m adaptor, PVC cord

WeSC (pronounced Wee Ess See) is a street fashion brand . WeAretheSuperlativeConspiracy symbolises what WeSC as a company represents; a group, a family of good and competent people working towards the same ideal and goals. WeSC is not merely a brand in the fashion industry, but rather a company within the skateboard culture. The company was founded on January 7th 2000, and the founders are all avid skateboarders and snowboarders. The idea was to create a street fashion brand, a brand that represented street fashion not streetwear. We felt that the purpose contained more than just t-shirts and jeans, a broader selection for men and women. Today WeSC is available in more than 20 countries around the world.

Superlative Conspiracy is the foundation for the entire company; it's the idea and philosophy behind the company. Its unparalleled image and brand building tactics make WeSC stand out from the rest.

"Going to your set with the headphones on in the middle of the night so that your parents don't know what you're doing when you're supposed to be asleep is great. I was rocking the bedroom. That was so much more fun when I got the 1200s."

- Jam Master Jay

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