Protest Icecold Fleece Passion Fruit

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Protest Icecold Fleece Passion Fruit

Protest Icecold Fleece Passion Fruit Great features include:
* The Protest Icecold Fleece Passion Fruit retails for around $45.00 AUD or $50.00 NZD
* Ice Cold Fleece by Protest
* 100% Polyester
* Micro Fleece
* Soft touch
* Extra Dry

PROTEST WAS FOUNDED BY A SMALL GROUP OF SNOWBOARDERS IN HOLLAND That's right: Holland. One of the flattest places in the universe. Home to exactly five hills and fourteen waves. That's right: We counted the number of hills and waves and we said, "TO HELL WITH LOGIC, TO HELL WITH OBSTACLES LET'S DO WHAT WE LOVE." Since day one, we've been doing our part to make the world a better place for boarders BOTH ON THE SLOPES AND IN THE WATER. We do this by designing fashionable and functional boardwear at an affordable price. By reminding the world that boarding is fun. And by helping people overcome whatever stands between them and their boards.

PROTEST IS A BRAND FOR ANYONE WITH THE DESIRE TO SET FOOT ON A BOARD. A fresh perspective for all boarders. The beginners who aren't quite sure if they've got what it takes. The masters who may have forgotten the pure joy of the ride. The cynics who have had millions of ads pushed down their throats. The workaholics with too many responsibilities and too little time. We remind riders of the reason they set foot on a board in the first place TO HAVE FUN. And we inspire non boarders with our belief that everyone can have a great time on the slopes or on the waves. Our clothes are built to support core riders. But they are also aimed at people who simply want to have fun on a board and look good doing it. Our goal is to make our clothes accessible to as many boarders as possible.

PROTEST BOARD STORES: THE NEWEST WAY TO SPREAD THE PROTEST BRAND. Protest takes a bold step forward with the expansion of the Protest Board Stores. These retail concept stores are a way to highlight our ever expanding line of Men's, Women's and Kid's boardwear and streetwear in an environment that captures the soul of branding. We opened the first Protest Board Store in the center of Utrecht, the Netherlands in December 2005. Since then, we've opened four additional stores in the Netherlands and in fall 2009 a store will be opened in Budapest. Our three goals for the stores:

ONE present our clothing in the best way possible by choosing the featured product range ourselves, and prominently displaying the most important items in our collection SUCH AS OUR EVENT SERIES LINE OF JACKETS AND PANTS.

TWO receive direct consumer feedback on our collection and spread the Protest gospel to consumers all over the world. In this way, the stores serve as excellent marketing tools SHOWING CONSUMERS THE BEST OF WHAT WE HAVE TO OFFER IN KEY AREAS.

THREE close the gaps in our distribution network and sell old stocks of Protest clothing in a profitable and responsible way. While all of the Board Stores address the first goal, a number of special "Outlet" Board Stores address the second.

Protest Board Stores are an important part of our overall retail strategy, which also includes Shop-In-Shop, loyalty corners and outlet stores. They feature only Protest clothing, with the exception of a few accessories and shoes from other select brands. The stores were created with the help of international design agency, Bear and Bunny, which have also worked for clients such as Mexx, Sacha and Adidas. The Protest Board Stores concept is the newest way to share the Protest message with the world.

"Clothes and jewellery should be startling, individual. When you see a woman in my clothes, you want to know more about them. To me, that is what distinguishes good designers from bad designers."

- Alexander McQueen

We hope you enjoy the free infomation as well as the product and website reviews.