Nueu Sunglasses 705 Black

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Nueu Sunglasses 705 Black

Nueu Sunglasses 705 Black Great features include:
* The Nueu Sunglasses 705 in Black retail for around $35.00 AUD or $42.00 NZD
* Designer sunglasses by Nueu
* Acetate frame with metal logos on arms
* Complies with all European guideline and offers 100% UVA and UVB protection
* 12 month manufacturer warranty
* Complete with branded hard case and cleaning cloth
* CR-39 Lens with etched nueu logo

Nueu exploded onto the fashion scene in 2005 as a new brand in a saturated marketplace, the dare to be different label was an instant success story and a long awaited breath of fresh air. Nueu is a brand that is associated with its high quality, unique style and price. The underground skate scene quickly bought into the brand and its contemporary style, yet Nueu is not to be categorised purely as a sports brand, it's far more than that, producing traditional and trendy sunglasses that are considered some of the most fashionable on the market. Nueu is a brand that strives to consistently provide individual merchandise that is suited to all walks of life and all tastes and personalities.

Nueu is famous for its high quality product. Nueu lenses are constructed from either polycarbonate or CR-39 lenses which mean Nueu provides you with tough durable optics that provide impeccable definition rivalling that of the most expensive brands. Nueu knows that in such a competitive market, only the best will do, so nothing is done by halves, no detail is too small or insignificant, meaning that you receive the best possible product that you can be proud of. All Nueu products are tried and tested before they even hit the shelves; nothing gets past these guys, if these sunnies aren't up to scratch, its back to the drawing board, meaning you get perfection 100% of the time!

"Being stuck in airports, you always end up buying perfume and sunglasses."

- Lexa Doig

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