Lollipops Glory Large Shopper Bag Black

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Lollipops Glory Large Shopper Bag Black

Shop Lollipops Online Great features include:
* The Lollipops Glory Large Shopper Bag in Black retails for around $70.00 AUD or $95.00 NZD
* Glory Large Shopper bag by Lollipops
* Currently only available in Black
* SIZE L 51cm, H 40cm, W 21cm

At the beginning were two students at EDHEC Business School: Yann Ducarouge and Marjorie Mathieu. In 1994 with barely 11.000 euro in their pockets, these young, dynamic executives decided to invest in a niche fashionable accessories. They gave up their regular wages, jobs, cars, fringe benefits, vacations and the comfortable Parisian apartments for a chance at fortune and a fierce work ethic.

In a first phase, they manufactured for others. If the big brands already accessorized the luxury, the textile companies came to them. Therefore our two adventurers relied on the existent distribution networks to show their style.

Marjorie designed the collections and worked on the books. Yann negotiated with the manufacturers and dealt with the centers of distribution.

In 1998 the brand Lollipops makes its appearance at the Pret-a-Porter salon in Paris.

In 2005 The net income of the French network reaches 4 Million euros. The Lollipops collections are distributed through almost 400 retailers. Thirty shops operating under the name of Lollipops have been already opened all over the world.

In 2007 In order to achieve growth (development of an integrated network, setting up a line of jewelry, expanding the shoes collections) Rand Group becomes a major shareholder of Lollipops.

Marjorie Mathieu and Yann Ducarouge are still shareholders and lead the company. Lollipops now has 100 shops under this brand all over the world and is distributed through 1,200 department stores.

"Women dress alike all over the world: they dress to be annoying to other women."

- Elsa Schiaparelli

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