Globe Smokin Skateboard Wheels White

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Globe Smokin Skateboard Wheels White

Shop globe Online Great features include:
* The Globe Smokin Skateboard Wheels in White retail for around 25.00 GBP
* Smokin Skateboard Wheels by Globe.
* 53mm 99a (Set of 4).
* The Globe Smokin' White Skateboard Wheels 53mm 99a (Set of 4) allow you to skateboard harder and faster with the responsiveness and control of a pro.

Globe Shoes was started in 1994 by former Australian professional skateboarders Matt, Steven and Peter Hill. Pro skateboarder and Darkstar Skateboards owner Chet Thomas returned his pro model shoe with Globe and is now the skate brand manager. Globe is currently releasing a series of skateboard videos through the Internet titled "United By Fate".

Globe shoes are built from a passion for skateboarding and surfing. This global brand was formed during the huge rise of skateboarding in the early seventies, by the Hill brothers from Australia. From this base Globe trainers have grown into the multi-national company it is today. Globe skate shoes are passionate about making high quality gear inspired by the art, music and parties that together create the action sports environment. Globe shoes and footwear are all designed to help people pursue their passions and enjoy them to the full. Globe sees itself as a collective but also as a unique statement inspired by daily life and the pursuit of wall rides and wave faces.

Current riders sponsored by Globe are Mark Appleyard, Jake Duncombe and Chris Haslam, some of which have designed some great skate shoes with Globe.

Globe have also collaborated with some great brands to bring you Globe Hi-Top Splatterhouse Shoes, Globe G-Shock Shoes, Globe Sekure D Shoes and Globe Godkitchen Shoes.

"Don't be into trends. Don't make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way you live."

- Gianni Versace

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