Drunknmunky Dragites Board Shorts

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Drunknmunky Dragites Board Shorts

Shop Drunknmunky Online Great features include:
* The Drunknmunky Dragites Board Shorts retail for around 10.00 GBP
* Mens Dragites board shorts by Drunknmunky
* Style D3424
* Velcro and stud fly
* Zipped pocket with logo
* Colour: Carbon

DRUNKNMUNKY is an ancient form of kung-fu style fighting practised by ancient Shaolin monks. If you have seen Jackie Chan's kung-fu movie "The Legend of Drunken Master", he is practising a contemporary version of the "drunken" style. The original DRUNKNMUNKY form of Kung-Fu is based upon unexpected movements, using elements of surprise and deception. Being the most difficult form to master, this was the most demanding test that the original Shaolin monks had to overcome; To become a DRUNKNMUNKY master was their ultimate goal.

9DOTS, Our logo is inspired by a system used by the original Shaolin monks to determined one's level of mastery in kung-fu, similar to the belt system of Karate. When a Monk in training would master a certain level, they would brand a dot on his forehead, nine being the highest and final level of mastery. If and when a Monk concluded all his training to become a DRUNKNMUNKY master, he would have nine dots placed in the formation of a perfect square, symbolising his achievement as the ultimate master. He had achieved the perfect balance between strength of body and mind; total independence, a real state of true inner confidence and self belief.

THE MISSION, DRUNKNMUNKY is a brand that breaks free from the system. We aim to control our immediate environment, not for it to shape us! Our philosophy is to expose the 'DRUNK' nature in the hearts and soul of every individual willing to realise it; to allow the individual to become just that; independent' confident, full of self belief.

All DRUNKNMUNKY followers demonstrate these qualities by wearing the sacred 9 dots of the Shaolin monks which appear on every DRUNKNMUNKY garment. Therefore DRUNKNMUNKY is not specific to any particular lifestyle nor does it promote one. There is no right or wrong, we do not care what race you are, what music you listen to or whether you paint on canvas or walls, surf on water or the net.

DRUNKNMUNKY represents all those who are not afraid to be who they want to be... In every walk of life there is always one.

Still run by the founder, DRUNKNMUNKY remains a youthful, free-thinking, alternative, edgy brand that appeals to the core participants of action sports. drunknmunky endures as one of the few independent brands in its field, and will continue to grow and lead the youth lifestyle market.

"Fashion condemns us to many follies; the greatest is to make ourselves its slave."

- Napoleon Bonaparte 1769-1821

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