Why Learn to Surf?

Why Learn to Surf?

Learn to Surf

Surfing is not just for the free spirits as many may imagine. The thought of the waves bringing you down with a whooping as you try to find your sense of balance while rooted to the surfing board is just too scary and hard for some people. While for others it may just be stimulating.

The sport continues to draw a lot of attention from so many fans despite the obvious dangers associated with it.

Well the following are the reasons many people consider surfing a great sport:

* Surfing is not only a great way to sample what nature has to offer but also a perfect avenue to release stress and anxiety.
* When you surf it is all about you! You make every decision on your own. Wherever you are whenever you want you can surf at your own phase a true individual sport.
* Surfing is not a boring sport and offers a different experience each time because there are no two waves that are similar.
* " As scary as surfing may be to some people it can be addictive! There is a certain kick you get from catching and riding the huge waves that leaves you with an invigorating feeling later on. Beating the wave will certainly be an experience you will need again.
* Surfing is a great way to exercise and tone the muscles of the neck, upper back, shoulders and arms perfect way to work out.
* " It is a thrilling recreational activity! Gliding through the glazing waters while you are upright on the surfboard and steering it in a jumping is a feeling that cannot be rivalled. Catching a wave while in an upright position may take the newbies a bit of time however when you catch on the fun is worth the sweat!
* Through surfing you will travel across the world in your adventure to catch more waves.
* Socializing with other surfers with a similar passion for this intense sport.

People love to ride the waves for those reasons and more. But, I would like to mention that it is until you actually try surfing that you will be able to get the real surfing feeling. Soon you will be addicted to surfing and looking for more waves to beat!

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"Not to sound too deep or weird, but I think that the times when you really appreciate surfing are the times you're really sort of becoming one with nature. Surfing's as raw of a sport as it gets.” "

- Kelly Slater

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