Surfing Camps

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Surfing Camps

Surfing Camps

Do you dream of riding waves like a pro only to wake up on the floor in your bedroom? Stop dreaming about it and join a surf camp! Surfing camps are a great way to learn the basics, begin surfing, and meet others who share your passion.

Surfing camps are run by the best of the best. Some camps are even headed-up by professional surfers! Lifeguards and instructors are often also involved in teaching at surf camps and can provide you with tons of knowledge and tips you wouldn't have otherwise.

Surf camps are held in Summer and can be found right across the globe from Australia to California, Costa Rica and of course Hawaii where this legendary sport began.

And no matter what type of surf camp you're after, there's guaranteed to be one that suit your needs whether you want to go on a teen surf camp, a family surf camp, an adults only surf camp or even a women's only surf camp.

So what can you expect to learn at a surf camp? You'll learn everything from how to read the waves to taking care of your surfing equipment, surfing etiquette and proper techniques.

How do you choose the right surf camp?

There are a few things to keep in mind when selecting the right surf camp for you:

* How many students will be at the camp-you want a small camp. The less students, the more individual attention you'll receive.

* How many teachers will be on the camp- find out what the teacher to student ratio is.

* What are the teachers qualifications- Find out if they are a certified surf teacher and if they have lifeguard training.

* The location of the camp- You don't want to go to a surf camp where they'll be crowds of people in the water. The camp should be held on a semi-private beach.

Then some general housekeeping is also important. Things like: the food, transport, security and accommodation are all things you need to inquire about to ensure your surf camp is one you'll never forget!

Once you've enrolled in the right surf camp for you, make sure you've packed all of your surf gear and you're ready to hit the beach and enjoy!

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