Nooka Mercury Sunglasses Black

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Nooka Mercury Sunglasses Black

Nooka Mercury Sunglasses Black Great features include:
* The Nooka Mercury Sunglasses in Black retail for around $170.00 AUD or $200.00 NZD
* Mercury Sunglasses by Nooka
* The polymer injected frames make the Nooka sunglasses light-weight
* Rubber nose-piece and ear guards for added comfort.
* This combination of natural and synthetic materials, coupled with the modern design and gem inspiration results in a playful and yet sophisticated new take on eyewear.

The Nooka lab is headed by artist, designer, and techno-progressivist, matthew waldman and a small team of optimistic young designers and social media marketing innovators. The Nooka customer, male or female, is the world citizen, the fashion junky, the design fan and creative class, not limited to arbitrary geopolitical boundaries.

Nooka is a futurist design lab producing physical manifestations of ideas. Based in New York City, the ethos of Nooka is universal communication, guiding the creation of products with enhanced functionality that engages the mind as well as the body mindstyle. Most prominently known for its line of timepieces, Nooka produces other innovative accessories and a fragrance.

Nooka announced the creation of Team Nooka, their first sponsored team of athletes and entertainers in 2010 which would see the release of special edition co designed Nooka products including watches. Nooka's aim is to create a foundation to support sports and lifestyles for the majority of their fans and customers, this will continue to grow for Nooka.

So far Team Nooka consisits of pro bmx riders Mike Spinner, Steve McCann and Morgan Wade, professional snowboarder Kaitlyn Farrington and Ryan Tuerck motor racing.

"Now I'm doing more snowboarding but I have to get back into surfing again."

- Marc Newson

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